{I want to be thrown in the forest & eaten by foxes.}


I'm Christine. I do photography since my early years. It always was and is a way to express my inner thoughts, fears & dreams. This is a place to stop forgetting & start feeling from within the heart.

I live in a big city up north in Germany. I moved here some years ago, cause I fell in love with it's roughness, it's rainful beauty. My first steps I made in Frankfurt, Germany. But my roots are far more in the foreign east, right in the middle of Tansilvania, where my father comes from.

I love to get lost in long walks, with nice music or just the tunes of my surroundings. Spending time at the waterside is my deepest desire to calm the mind. Along with the love of solving the mystery of big clouds and dark woods.

And yes, I would love to work with you. So feel free to get in touch with me. Wheter it is for a private or commercial project.


Love Always,

  done by  Björn Lexius